Top tips to increase your IELTS listening Score

 Top tips to increase your IELTS listening Score

Get used to different accents:

In this article you will get to know some top tips to increase your IELTS listening score. To achieve a good IELTS listening score you must listen to popular radio channels of different countries will help you a great deal, listen to documentaries as well. Another good and entertaining way of improving your listening and grasping skills is to watch English movies. For IELTS Listening, watching movies will help you stay focused and improve your listening and understanding skills. Ensure that you get used to as many different accents. The most popular accents you will come across on the exam day are the British Accent, American accent, Canadian & Australian Accent as you will encounter all these accents in the IELTS listening Exam.

Always read the question wisely:

On the IELTS listening exam day ensure that you read the instructions very cautiously, although this may seem very easy tip to remember but can be easy to ignore, keeping the exam situation in mind. Many students are in a hurry to finish with the listening section and are very anxious. Remember to read the questions multiple times before attempting the answer.

For Example:

If the instructions are to write the answer in 3 words, you must follow this very precisely and not write extra words. Remember, writing extra will not get you extra marks, on the other hand the entire answer will be incorrect as you failed to follow instructions

Take a little more time to go though the questions carefully and you can escape loosing precious marks.

Never leave any question unanswered: Ensure that you don’t miss answering any question on the IELTS listening, make sure that you attempt all, even if need you to guess as you may be in for a surprise of your guess turns out to  be the right answer.

Plan in advance:

Read the next few questions in advance and mentally plan on the coming up questions.  This will help you predict some keywords that you may hear to and help get the right answer.

What you hear in the listening will not be the same that you read. Look out for synonym words. Words with the same meaning and this will you get a good listening section score.

There is no substitute for practice:

When you practice more the better you will get in the listening section of the IELTS. Get to understand all accents and be comfortable on the exam day.