Tips on Writing IELTS Task 1 Academic

Tips on Writing IELTS Task 1 Academic

IELTS preparation Tips

In the writing task 1 you must write at least 3 to 4 paragraphs and with a minimum of 150 words in total.

Below you will get information and Tips on IELTS writing Task 1 and Task 2.  This will help you understand IELTS writing better and a high score on the IELTS exam.

First Paragraph

In the first paragraph, you need to rephrase the question. Try beginning with  any one of the following examples

  • In the graph it shows
  • The graph chart displays how the process has changed….
  • The diagram explains the current trends in ……..

Second Paragraph

  • Write a summary after the first paragraph which is your introduction. Look at the chart in detail to conclude your summary.


  • Look at the graph and select if you are looking at a progression, progression or may be both, as based on this decision you need to use the right language. If its comparison use words like similar to …..and for progressive use slight change or increase, decrease…


  • Have a good range of expressions in your writing by having more verbs. You must have the habit of using more synonyms for a wide range of writing.
  • In the 2rd paragraph us general phrases developments with most prominent appearances.
  • You essay must have a consistent flow with logic and the right contents. Here are some useful terminologies, in addition, moreover, nevertheless, even though…..

3rd Paragraph

  • The paragraph following the second paragraph must have complete information in detail and depiction. Focus on the main idea and focus more on fundamentals in the graph. Always add data explaining the information provided as a support.
  • Do not describe every minute detail and focus more on the main idea of the chart.
  • Writing a conclusion will always help, even though it’s not necessary. But writing it makes it look complete to the reader.
  • Finally make a thorough reading and check the grammar and spelling for the right precision.

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