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The IELTS Training at ScoreGetter is conducted by trainer who has great passion for the language. All teachers that we hire have great passion for teaching. All concepts are explained in a very comfortable approach, every student is made to understand the concept in a simple layout and every section is explained thoroughly. Knowing what is expected from you in the IELTS examination is very important from the IELTS exam point of view and this is what you will learn at ScoreGetter.

You will understand the exam strategies, how to use the ScoreGetter practice materials. You will gain access to our library consisting of magazine and journals that will help you along the joinery of IELTS preparation.

Taking full length tests under exam conditions are very important and at ScoreGetter you will have access to our testing computer lab where you will be given tests every week under perfect exam conditions and will be guided by the trainer who will help you identify your errors and correct them for a better IELTS score.

By The End of the IELTS coaching Workshop

  • You will know how to manage time efficiently to complete each section.
  • You will comprehend listening and reading techniques for quick understanding.
  • You will know how to write meritoriously and proficiently under timed conditions.
  • You will know exam-speaking topics and will be able to converse with buoyancy.
  • You will know your present IELTS score
  • You will have an action-plan to take full advantage of that score

Beyond The Test

ScoreGetter works with top ranked universities in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Students interesting to avail the services of Guaranteed Admission Program are most welcome to do so.

Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)
Under the GAP, every student who enrolls is assured of an admit as we match the profile of the candidate with the universities and colleges and help the student smoothly in the entire admission process.  Don’t let opportunity pass by you. The GAP Services are provided FREE of cost to registered IELTS candidates.

IELTS Score Guarantee.

Your IELTS score plays an important role in your educational and career goals. A good IELTS score will grant you an admission in graduate programs. The need of the hour is dedicated and sincere preparation with the ScoreGetter IELTS Training center.

We guarantee that you will pass the IELTS Exam, If for any reason you were unable to get the desired score FREE Course repeat will be provided.

At ScoreGetter the IELTS Classes are held throughout the year. We have 6 batches starting every month and this makes it very convenient for every to join at their comfortable time of the month. We do conduct both morning and evening batches on the IELTS coaching. Students are allowed to take a break in-between if an emergency situation arises and we don’t penalize the students for doing that and accommodate the candidate when he/she comes back.

The ScoreGetter IELTS program comes with SIX MONTH validity unlike other institutes who may shudder to give you the flexibility and comfort level. For ScoreGetter a student who enrolls  is an opportunity help make ones career unlike other institutes where a students enrolling is an opportunity to make profits.

ScoreGetter was one of the first institutes in Chennai to introduce IELTS training. Way back in the early days when IELTS started ScoreGetter was the only Institute who was offering IELTS training to the Aspiring students of the beautiful Chennai city, at ScoreGetter we do not take IELTS examination very lightly and we make sure that we inform every student the role this examination plays in their life as a good score in this university  of their choice and more so they can end up getting an admit in top universities across the globe in countries like, USA Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Germany and many more countries are started recognizing IELTS as one of the most important criteria to get an admission and even a scholarship.

When a student enrolls for IELTS training at ScoreGetter we make sure that he understands the various accents on which the examination may be tested on like the American accent British accent and Australian accent and even Canadian accent, so this is a plan between understanding the examination and the distance at your face in the examination. What more can you ask for your IELTS training that’s when you join score get you know any master the IELTS examination but you even learn to understand different accents,  so it’s a two in one kind of a proposition for you and it’s the best bet you would get with quality and transformation.

At ScoreGetter we guarantee that every student who enrolls will definitely be successful and a student may be in any level of English language knowledge we do have a space for him at our centre and ensure personal attention during the entire training sessions in Chennai.

We follow training methodology which is tried and tested internationally,  every student who enrolls for the IELTS training is given a personal computer to work on and improve all the skills that he is weak at with personal guidance on the train.

Hence by the end of the program the student has mastered all the 4 sections of IELTS examination namely reading writing listening and speaking,  what’s unique with us is even before giving the IELTS examination the student will definitely know what his score is.  What more can I say if you are looking at quality training with best knowledgeable trainers where you would not compromise on the quality you must look at dropping in at ScoreGetter and getting all details and then take a decision.

IELTS Exam Tips

When you have just 1 months to prepare on the IELTS the first thing you need to plan is to have a proper time table of preparation and the hours you would put in everyday on the IELTS preparation.

On the listening section for the IELTS examination you must do a lot of British accent listening so what I would suggest his to tune into the BBC radio online and here to the news, once you are done with this right down the summary of what you have heard and try and explain this to someone.

On the reading section in case you are keen on scoring a 7 band you have to cross 2 major problems.
Number one is you must have good reading skills with good speed a number two is you must try and up build your comprehension level.

To overcome these obstacles you can try and read a lot of published articles on the Internet you will find think you have them make sure you don’t get into Facebook post,  read articles which are high in vocabulary and in case you don’t understand any meaning of a word to convert online.

Not many people faces problem on the speaking section but if you have a good understanding of the language English and you have undergone some recent training you must be able to crack through the speaking section

By following the above advice and sir you’ll be able to crack the examination on time and you will definitely get the 7 band, And you can even think about joining together for your training in Chennai as they are the oldest and the most trusted partners with idp British Council and free the best training.

how can we help you?

Contact us if you have any queries related to test preparations or admissions

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