IELTS Speaking Tips and Strategies

IELTS Speaking Tips and Strategies

The speaking session in IELTS has three parts. The first part is interview section, the second is Cue card and the third, discussion.

The IELTS examiner will get information about recognizable themes for example, home, work or general interests in part 1to help you to feel good when talking. Attempt and unwind so you can talk normal under the circumstances.

IELTS Speaking -Points to ponder over

  • Command over the language is must for those who aim for higher band i.e. in terms of vocabulary, usage of idioms and phrases, sentence patterns and the intonation.
  • Preparation for speaking should begin with revision of grammar.
  • Try not to repeat same verbs and adjectives.
  • Be talkative throughout your session.
  • Feel comfortable while speaking and the examiners would always help you speak better.
  • Do not try to breakdown your sentence and restart it often.
  • Plan or compose sentences with lots of adjectives and adverbs to beautify your language.
  • Eye contact is very important while speaking to the examiner throughout your session.

IELTS Speaking – Part 1

  • Speak on Precise points.
  • Try not to beat around the bush.
  • Talk more than what the answer is.
  • Avoid one-word answers.
  • Try to say reasons for your ‘no’ answers.

IELTS Speaking – Part 2

  • Prioritize the important key points during the preparation.
  • Do not rush to finish all you want say.
  • Your speaking should be in a moderate speed.
  • Try to stress on few sentences which you feel are vital and important.

IELTS Speaking – Part 3

  • Your answers should precise to that of part 2, since the questions are based on the previous one.
  • Express your thoughts of happiness, jokes, etc. which should be pleasant enough to make the moment lighter.

Throughout your speaking, language must be formal. Try to avoid slang, colloquial words that are a replica of both in American and British English.

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