11 Steps guide on your IELTS preparation

11 Steps guide on your IELTS preparation

Hello my name’s Atiq and in this lesson I would like to show you how to prepare for your IELTS test there are many steps that you need to take if you’re going to be successful in your IELTS test and in this lesson’s going to talk you through the 15 most important steps that you must complete if you’re going to do well in your test. Now let’s start with the first one and the most obvious and that is to learn about the test of course you shouldn’t enter the examination room until you know as much as you can about the test, you need to learn about the content of the IELTS test that is listening, reading, writing and speaking and you need to learn the format of each of those IELTS sections. You need to know what is going to happen when you get in the test, what the test is all about, what problems you might have.

Now recently a student contacted me because he went into the listening test and was very upset to find the recording was played only once, well of course the recording is played only once that is part of the IELTS listening test.

Now all this in formation should not be a surprise to you it is all available online and you need to read as much as you can so that you know exactly what will happen when you take your test. At the end of the lesson I will give you links so that you can learn as much as you can about IELTS and of course when you’re learning about IELTS you also need to look at the timing.

If you’re doing for example the reading and the writing then the timing is very much in your hands that means that you’re given an hour to accomplish a certain number of tasks or passages and it’s your choice how to manage your time. Understanding the timing is very important and of course scoring.

You need to know how your band score is assessed for listening and reading is relatively easy because you get points for every correct answer. For speaking and writing is different because an examiner will assess you, and the more you understand about the way you are assessed the better your results will be. The more you learn about the test the more questions will rise in your head, so it’s a good idea not to decide to study on the IELTS all by yourself and it’s always better to join an IELTS training institute like ScoreGetter.  If you look at the answers to frequently asked questions you will learn a lot about IELTS. So I’ll give you links to frequently asked questions about each skill in the IELTS during my next class session.

Step 2: once you understand what IELTS is it’s time to look at the different IELTS tests there are two IELTS tests there’s the academic test and the general training test.

For listening and speaking there’s only one test but for writing and reading you need to choose and it’s very important that you know exactly which one you’re going to do before you start preparing. The academic test is mostly for university entrance and the general training test is if you’re moving abroad. Make sure you know which test you’re going to take and you make sure you prepare properly for that

Step 3: This is one of the most important steps that you can take and that is about being realistic with your goals you need to have a fixed aim for IELTS, what band score are you aiming for but you need to be realistic. Let me explain a little bit more about this so being realistic. Decide what band score you’re aiming for, are you aiming for 6.5,7 or even 7.5 be very clear about the band score you really need and then have the level of your English checked as this is very important to do if the level of your English does not match the band score that you want, then you’re going to have problems. if the level of your English is much lower than the band score you want then it’s going to be almost impossible to reach that band score without some training and guidance.

 if you only study IELTS skills at ScoreGetter you need to make sure that the level of your English is equal to the band score that you’re aiming for now I have a lot of students asking me why can’t they get band score 7 they’ve taken the test five times but still can’t get 7 and what tips can I give them, well there’s one tip, get your English checked if your English is too low you’re not going to get 7 so to get the band score you want you need to have the right level of English so once you know your level of English then you can make a plan and you either have to study English fast at ScoreGetter IELTS training course to bring your level of English up to the right level or if your English level is already at the right level then you can just study your IELTS skills which basically means the skills for doing the exam or maybe your English is just a little bit below the appropriate level for your band score and so maybe you want to study English and IELTS together.  

Next point which is having a time frame this is all again about being realistic how much time will it take you to make sure your English is at the right level for the band score that you want and how long will it take you to learn your IELTS skills. I have many students asking me about how long it will take, it is an impossible question to ask without meeting the student some students can learn IELTS exam skills very quickly and I have seen students who prepare for the IELTS test in two weeks and get the band score they want other students cannot understand the skills very well and they have problems with It  and their level of English is not very strong. So that means that their timeframe is going to be much wider and so it could take them months. So it really depends on the speed of your learning and on the level of your English so just make sure that you do have a realistic time frame and that you have enough time to actually get ready for your IELTS test, the best way to understand the time frame that you will need for the IELTS preparation is to get to ScoreGetter center at Anna Nagar, Nungambakkam. Adyar or Velachery and spend some time taking the free test on the IELTS and the examiner at ScoreGetter will tell you you’re level of English and will tell you the time you need to prepare for the IELTS Examination in Chennai.   

On the speaking and writing this is quite different for speaking and writing the examiner is looking for specific things in your language and in your skills. You need to know exactly what the examiner is looking for. The band score that you want and when you understand more about the band score then you will start improving so.

Step 5:
Learning about the question types. it’s very important that you do this for listening and reading in IELTS. There are over 10 different types of questions that you can get in the test that’s a lot now, in the test you don’t have time to look at a question and try to understand what you need to do. it’s very important that you know the types of questions before you enter the exam room. At ScoreGetter you will get to understand the different types of questions and will get to understand them ad practice them and improve efficiency.

Step 6: it’s very important that you develop the tips and techniques to deal with each type of question not just for listening and reading also for writing test too, for your essay you’re going to have to look at the different essay questions that you get on the IELTS examination and prepare them. I remember once I had a student who asked me to take a look at their writing so I said yes and they sent me a sample essay but the essay question wasn’t an IELTS essay question so it was a complete waste of time. IELTS have specific essay questions and you need to know what they are. 

Don’t waste your time learning from any essay question there’s a lot of information on the Internet and it can be confusing so it’s very important that you do learn the right types of questions for these essays and IELTS and of course that’s the same for speaking. You’re also going to have a range of questions and it’s important you know what types of questions the examiner will ask you and how to deal with them successfully. 

Writing task 1 for the general training you’ll have a letter and there are different types of letters for the academic task 1 is a chart and there are many. About six different charts that you can get so you really need to look at each question type you’ve got to develop tips and techniques so that you can deal with them successfully. You need to work on your vocabulary to be able to talk about these topics now even if the level of your English is at the right level for the band score you want you still should prepare the common topics and vocabulary. This is particularly important in speaking because you need to give your answer directly, all the vocabulary needs to be on the tip of your tongue which means ready to use without hesitation so preparing all these topics and vocabulary is essential.

it’s very important if you have time for your IELTS preparation to have a look at documentaries take a look at the BBC and look at some new world issues, have a look at the New Scientist and other interesting magazines that cover a range of topics, listen to radio programs all of this will help you develop the right English and it will help you for listening reading writing and speaking.

Step 7:
Get your speaking and writing assessed, now the listening and reading is relatively prepared well because you can do practice tests and calculate your own score but for speaking and writing it’s very difficult to assess your own level. So the best way is to get in touch with teachers of ScoreGetter who are training you on the IELTS and ask them to assess your speaking and writing.

Step 8 is obviously to plan your development and practice. 
A lot of students ask me for a schedule for studying IELTS well it’s almost impossible to give a schedule number one students have different strengths and different weaknesses and they have different amounts of time available, the most important thing is that you do cover all aspects of the test before your exam so as long as you’re getting all those question types prepared and you know exactly what’s going to happen you’ve prepared your common topics vocabulary and ideas the you are on the rght track.

Step 9:
Reading and writing during your preparation for IELTS, you will need to spend some time building speed, as reading and writing have a fixed time limit and it can be very difficult for students to actually finish all 40 questions in one hour or to write task one and task two in one hour. So building speed and learning to manage your own time is very important and you should be practicing doing that at home checking how long it takes you to write or how long it takes you to skim.

Step 10
Full practice tests under exam conditions. it’s not the same as this a lot of students use practice tests in order to just practice their skills or to find their band score but they don’t actually do the full test under exam conditions.
 Do your listening, reading and your writing altogether. it will take you 2 hours and 40 minutes during that time you will have no breaks and this will really give you an idea of how difficult and tiring the IELTS exam can be. Its an important part of your preparation you should at least do one practice test under exam conditions before you do your real test

Step 11 is to get some training.
Professional training is the best. So if you can find a very good IELTS training set up at ScoreGetter Chennai with 4 location options in Chennai, Anna Nagar, Adyar, Nungambakkam and Velachery. The most important thing is you choose a center that really does know about IELTS examination in depth and can support you and understand your aims for IELTS. Don’t just choose any IELTS training center which claims to be the best make sure you choose wisely and of course if you can’t afford to go to an IELTS training center you can always look online for resources.