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Eventually, GRE score plays a vital role when applying to graduate schools in USA and Germany. A fragment of advice will help you prepare more precisely.

What is the optimal timing?

Firstly, check the deadlines of the universities you have in mind, the ideal time to start the application for fall 2017 is by November 2016. GRE preparation will clearly require a minimum of two months; you must start your preparation by May/June of the previous year.

What resources and books should you use?

Look into the ETS publishes official guide for the GRE. In this book, you will get a fair idea about the exam pattern and the questions types, the questions found throughout this book are easy compared with the GRE Exam questions. Get your hand on the ScoreGetter GRE manual for Verbal and Quants, here you will see over 2000 practice questions with varied difficulty levels and the closest to the real GRE exam.

Organize your preparation.

Firstly, be tough on yourself; with this in mind follow the steps below,

  • In the first place, set up by taking the ETS mock GRE exam and find out your weaknesses coupled with the exam pattern and timings.
  • Depending on the score, plan your study and the amount of effort. If you figure out, you will require a considerable volume of study time, set a timetable for every week.
  • Study vocabulary well and do a lot of reading and reasoning.
  • Simultaneously continue working on questions from the books you have with you and work out the past exam questions.
  • Midway through your preparation, give another attempt on the full-length test with timer in place reflecting the exam conditions. With this intention for improvement, depending on the score, focus upon the areas that are still causing a problem, work on them by solving more questions.
  • Last but not the least, give three full-length test, one of the three will be closest to your exam date. Remember to give them all under timed conditions.

During the test.

However, during the GRE exam, keep a calm composure with the least stress level. This will help you perform well on the exam.  Deep breathing technique will help a great deal. Sleep well before the exam.

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