GRE Coaching Chennai in depth Analysis of the GRE Exam

Hello and welcome to the GRE test prep overview by ScoreGetter. In depth analysis on the GRE Coaching Chennai, GRE Exam over view and question types.


How to prepare for the GRE exam?

Chances are you already purchased our test prep bo- of Barron’s. We should definitely go over what exactly is you know what does a GRE exam test you on? What kind of questions will you see right so the GRE exam. GRE is basically a four hour exam set up a computer, GRE exam is about four hours in length so be prepared to spend quite sometime in the exam room sitting for four hours. You have to mentally but also physically as well and the GRE exam entails three different sections

The first section in the GRE Exam is

  1. Analytical writing section
  2. Verbal section
  3. Quantitative sectional

he verbal section includes reading comprehension passages, text completion and sentence equivalence.

The analytical writing section is composed of two different segments and those segments are analyzed an issue and analyze an argument.

The first step in preparing for the GRE exam is to make sure you know exactly what the GRE exam is about all the sections that they’ll be testing you so then you can go ahead and dive into the material. Learn all the foundations of vocabulary verbal section and then also the math section.

Analytical writing is composed of two different writing prompts analyze an issue and analyzing an argument. You will have 30 minutes for each, keep in mind this is going to be done on a computer, you will not have Microsoft Word there is no such a thing as spellcheck or grammar check, it is a simple and functional, you’ll be given a simple word processor and you have to type your essay. You need to make sure you don’t make any silly spelling mistakes if your typing speed is not so fast I would go ahead and recommend you to you get some practice and type on the computer. Use the Microsoft word and turn of the spell check.

Start doing all the different practice essay questions that are provided by the ETS.

What is analyzing an issue?

You’ll be given an issue and you’ll have to pick a side you have to argue on, take a stand point and you have to make a very good stand point. Don’t agree partially with both sides the best tip is to go ahead and agree with one side and make sure your argument is very clear.

Analyze an argument a lot of students have problems when preparing for the GRE exam. They all prepare for the GRE exam and there they won’t really study for the essay section they think that they can take the same approach and same technique for both these essay prompts. There are very good strategies you have to use when writing for analyzing issue response and

Analyze an argument response.

Essay does not tell you to pick a side. Think well and then write a very well-constructed response Understand well and think logically as to what sounds true what does not sound true, is this logical or it not logical, what parts are good about the argument what parts are not good about the argument.

Verbal and quantitative section. 
In this there are essentially six different sections on the GRE exam. Analytical writing section is one of the sections you have two verbal sections and then two quantitative reasoning sections and finally you have one random section that you have no idea about. You might be given an extra quantitative section or an extra verbal section. This section will be ungraded, however you have no idea which section will be ungraded so make sure you do all six sections to the best of your ability.

In the verbal section you will have exactly 30 minutes to complete. The verbal section is composed of three different components

  1. Reading comprehension passages. some of them will be long most of them are short paragraphs or one or two paragraphs and you’ll be asked various kinds of questions to either make an inference or tell you to talk about the main idea.
  2. Text completion and sentence equivalence and the text completion is basically going to give you a sentence and midway in the sentence date you will see blanks that you need to fill in with the appropriate word and make sure the sentence sounds correct, you can be given a sentence with one blank or two blanks or up to three blanks. To get the right word to fit on the blanks need some study on the vocabulary. For each blank you will get up to 5 choices to fill in and you need to choose the appropriate one. The tricky thing is you have to get all three correct, there is no partial credit  so some questions are just going to have one blank and some will have two and some will have three so once again you have to really practice for it.

Quantitative reasoning section The math here is of high school level however some parts are challenging and tricky, types of questions you’ll see is quantitative comparisons  and in these questions they will always ask you to compare column A versus column B you will have these exact answer choices A B C D. The answer choice as always are

  1.                                           I.            column A is greater than column B C                                          II.            Column B is greater than column A                                         III.            Column A is equal to column B                                         IV.            Cannot be determined

Another type of question you may see or not you may see are testing your skills on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis.

GRE is a computer adaptive exam – What does that mean.

The first few sections are critically important – excluding the writing section – let’s just say for example automatically when you start you have your quantitative reason of section your math section – you really want to make sure you do extremely well on that section because if you don’t the next time you take that quantitative reasoning section whether it’s the next one or whether it’s after the verbal section you will see easier questions and if you see easier questions that means that you didn’t do so well because it’s adapted to get the better of you.  If you see more difficult questions then you are sure that you have dene the earlier section well.

If it happens to be so that you feel like you’re getting more easy questions don’t panic just, just go along with it and make sure you get all the questions correct however it is imperative to understand that your first section or first two sections are very important that you do very well.

Quick recap: GRE Coaching Chennai
On the GRE you have two verbal sections and then two quantitative sections and then you have one mystery section which could either be quantitative or verbal so you have six sections all together. With this hopefully you have a better understanding of the GRE exam I will of course in my next blog I will go deeper into the different types of questions you’ll see with real examples and then kind of give you more tips and tricks on how to crack the GRE exam in Chennai and give you a good over view of the GRE Coaching in Chennai at ScoreGetter.

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