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We at Score Getter possess exceptional expertise for quality GRE Training in Chennai. All prospective students must consider the fact that the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is mandatorily required for admissions to most top-notch graduate programs in USA other than Law, Business and Medicine. The GRE is currently the most suitable examination that can get you into graduate school and augment your chances of getting scholarship in the Universities for almost all post-graduate programs that you may contemplate to pursue. ScoreGetter GRE Coaching in Chennai can aid you in choosing the right school because we understand your personal and educational goals.

The GRE is now a computer-based exam and is offered all over India and can be taken any day one wishes. The exam has four parts: Verbal Section, Quantitative (Math) Section, Analytical writing Section and an Experimental Section which is unscored and unidentified (can be either of the above).

The maximum score that can be obtained is 340 and there is a penalty for leaving the questions unanswered. ScoreGetter is a premier GRE Training Institutes in Chennai is definitely the place which will help you to attain the best score that you want to achieve.

Let’s see the format of the revised GRE which covers in detail the GRE Exam Pattern section by section.

SectionNumber of Questions Time
Analytical Writing (1 section) 2 separately timed writing tasks 30 min. per task
Verbal Reasoning (2 section) Approximately 20 questions per section35 min. per section
Quantitative Reasoning (2 section) Approximately 20 questions per section35 min. per section
Unscored* Approximately 20 questions per section35 min. per section
Research** VariesVaries

*An unidentified unscored section that does not count toward a score may be included and may appear in any order.

** An unidentified research section that is not scored may be included, and it will always be at the end of the test

These are the pattern to be evolved for getting GRE Scholarships in major universities. For equipping yourself you need to be involved with our GRE Coaching in Chennai even from the best handler. Okay let’s discuss in elaborately with each section.

Verbal Reasoning:- GRE Training in Chennai

There is a higher emphasis on reading passages, both brief and lengthy on the GRE. Two brand-new question types, Text Completion as well as Sentence Equivalence have actually been included to this section to test vocabulary in context, apart from the strengthening/weakening questions. In addition to these, new questions that require you to pick multiple correct answers, have been included.

Quantitative Reasoning:- GRE Training Institutes in Chennai

In the current pattern, there are a lot more data interpretation questions utilizing graphs and tables. Numeric Entry questions don’t have answer choices — you should provide the right one. There are also questions where you have to choose all of the correct answers, called multiple answer questions. The GRE Exam Syllabus covers topics up to grade ten only.

MST (Multi Stage Test)

The revised GRE Exam is an MST, or multi-stage test. You still take it on a computer, but it adapts to your performance only after you have answered a section of Quantitative or Verbal questions. Answer the majority of questions in a section correctly, and the next section will be harder—consequently your score band will probably be higher. Get most of the questions wrong and you will move on to an easier section … but you’ll have a harder time scoring as high. Training from our GRE Training Institutes in Chennai will assure you a higher score.

Test Interface and Functionality – GRE coaching in chennai

The new GRE allows you to skip around freely, to go back and change your answers, and to mark questions you want to come back to later. You will also be allowed to use an on-screen calculator.

The flexibility is a definitely positive—imagine being able to go back in time and change your answer. But it can introduce new challenges: a lot more second-guessing, pacing issues, and a bigger risk of leaving questions unanswered, which is heavily penalized in the GRE.

The GRE Test Structure is such that duration of the exam will be around 3.45 hours.

Scoring scale and score availability.

The scoring scale is now from 130-170 in one-point increments

You cannot retake the GRE as frequently as you used to earlier. With the Revised GRE, you can only test every 60 days. Please refer to for further details.

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