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GRE training in Chennai by ScoreGetter. Over 20 year’s experience

GRE training starting from Rs. 9,900/- only

ScoreGetter is a leader in the GRE training in Chennai for graduates. It is also a pioneer in the training of students for GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and SAT. ScoreGetter trains more students than any other coaching centers put together in Chennai.

  • SCOREGETTER is the only company in India to offer Smart-Prep series. Get trained by US faculty. A combination of Center Prep and Virtual Prep
  • The course consists of  180 hours of instructions & training modules in total combining both center prep and Online Portal inclusive of both Verbal and Quantitative ability
  • ScoreGetter is the only company which gives you 6 months enrollment period with free course repeat.
  • Exhaustive & comprehensive material covering all questions type that appear on the GRE with the detailed explanation on all question types and Strategies.
  • Over 2000 practice items to boost your GRE Score
  • The only company in India to compliment Center prep with Virtual prep by  U.S. faculty
  • The only company to offer real test experience with its most accurate GRE Online Tests

The Course:

Topics covered are: Course orientation and Diagnostic Test, Verbal & Quants Basics, Short Verbal Fundamentals , Quantitative Comparisons, Problem Solving,  Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, Advanced Text completion, Sentence Equivalence, Algebra, Advanced Vocabulary, Reading group, Analytical Writing assessment, Verbal Section Management, Math Section Management, Home Stretch.


At ScoreGetter we have an elaborated program to totally meet the requirement of the aspiring students via real-time lectures performed by encounter & extremely professional faculty. We give courses on the spoken, quantitative and the special emphasis on the analytical writing measure. The course consists of 400 hours in total combining both center prep and virtual prep teaching inclusive of both Verbal and Quantitative ability.

Weekdays Program

The GRE classes are held thrice a week in the evenings. The total duration of the course is 3 Months.

Weekend Program

The GRE classes are held only Saturday and Sunday. The total duration of the weekend program is 3 Months.

Fast Track Course

The classes will be held five days a week, the course will complete in 5 weeks from the date of starting the course.

Topics covered in the classroom course for:

The Verbal Section:

  • Five skills testers
  • Ten verbal ability practice exercises
  • Vocabulary building for each class

Analytical Writing:

  • Introduction to Analytical Writing Measure
  • Brain storming on argument topics
  • Brain storming on Issue topics
  • Guided response
  • Follow up

Quantitative session

At ScoreGetter, Maths coaching is given in a holistic manner. The entire mentoring is split in 3 stages. In the first phase concepts are shown to students; in the second stage GRE specific questions are dealt with in class. Third phase pupils are motivated to take mock examinations. Students are urged to refer numerous publications appropriate to a number of competitive evaluations. Pupils have the privilege to ask questions, irrespective of its source. Essentially the tutorial program is exhaustive, yet specific to the respective examinations.

Value for Money

For GRE training in Chennai, ScoreGetter offers the best combination of Classroom and Online Preparation. This intensive coaching program ensures that the student gets the best value for the money he spends for getting himself prepared to achieve the best possible score that gets him to top universities in Chennai.

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