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Study in Australia

Cricket is not the only thing Indians look at Australia for. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but that has a population of less than 25 million. That means much more opportunities, especially for immigrants. Australia is home to a considerable number of immigrants – over a quarter (26%) of Australia’s population was born overseas and a further one fifth (20%) had at least one overseas-born parent. By approaching ScoreGetter, the finest Australia Education Consultants in Chennai you can grab complete study details and allied information from the experts.

Population and Universities in Australia

The Land Down Under is a popular student destination, and international students flock to Australia by the hundreds. Indian students make almost 10% of Australia’s student population. Australia has 40 plus Public Universities and almost half of these Universities ranges in the top 300 hundred ranking Universities of the world. Australia has the Group of Eight universities that rank in the top 100 in the world, and are famous for their comprehensive research programs and professional education. These include the prestigious University of Western Australia, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and Monash University among them. Their alumni have taken up senior positions in top companies in Australia and many other countries.

Australia has a thriving western-style economy with a per capita GDP in surpluses like many other urbanized countries like UK, Germany, and France. It is ranked third in the United Nations and it is the sixth largest economy according to The Economist. We suggest that you seek professional help from ScoreGetter, the Best Education Consultants in Chennai before making your decision regarding studies or work in Australia.
Australia follows a streamlined visa process which is very thorough and does not take fraudulent documentation lightly. SVP requires international students to show less documentation and less proof of financial support. With Tuition fees ranging from AUD 20,000 annually and scholarships on offer for deserving students, studying in Australia is cost wise convenient on the pocket.

Earn while you study

Students are allowed to work part-time from day one in Australia. They are required to stick to the part-time work rights of 20 hours per week. The additional dollars earned by the student is usually used towards boarding and lodging. A student is required to show roughly Rs.10 lakhs in support of their stay in Australia for one year. So you can take the right step by considering ScoreGetter, the top-notch Study in Australia Education Consultants in Chennai.

Programs in Australia

Australia education Consultants in Chennai, Offering a range of study levels from Certificate, Diplomas, Associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees and PhD degrees, Australia allows students a stay back visa of up to 4 years after completion of the study. Subjects offered for study are Business, humanities, engineering, tourism, medicine, and others at various levels.
With a friendly culture and affable people, Australia has popular tourist destinations to explore like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Fraser Island, Gold Coast, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Ocean Road, Kakadu National Park, the vast outback and others, Australia’s appeal as a study and stay destination is high.
So why look further – make use of ScoreGetter – Australia Education Consultants in Chennai -to study in your dream country.

ScoreGetter Services

As Australia is one of the popular destination for Indian students ScoreGetter offers Guaranteed Admission Program to the universities in Australia.

  • We shortlist uninversities based on your profile and suggest the best fit.
  • Complete documentation is done by ScoreGetter’s experienced counsellor.
  • Guidance in SOP Preparation and Letter of reccomendation.
  • Complete application filling.
  • 100 successful admit
  • Visa Process
  • Pre-departure orientation
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