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SAT: In the mid-90’s, the SAT changed its name, from Scholastic Aptitude Test to Scholastic Achievement Test One: Reasoning Test. The SAT had from that moment forth been tied to the Achievement Tests as part of a unified program for American High School students. You can achieve on this test only by getting professional coaching. ScoreGetter has been the undisputed market leader in SAT Coaching Chennai for decades, since its inception in 1999.

The NEW SAT exam consists of 5 sections: 2 Verbal sections, 2 Math Sections and an Optional Essay. The NEW SAT is offered on paper and pencil 7 times in a year. The highest possible score is 1600 and there is no negative marking. When a student takes the SAT more than once, most schools will consider the highest score. For achieving a prestigious score, you can get trained at ScoreGetter’s SAT Training Centre in Chennai. This is preferable in the sense that there is a vast difference between approaching the exam without any previous knowledge or training and attempting the exam after studying under expert faculty members.

How do you prepare for the NEW SAT ?
The NEW SAT Test examines students on math and verbal ability, especially basic grammar, reading and comprehension, writing, and basic quantitative or logical reasoning. ScoreGetter’s SAT coaching chennai methodology and training is imperative as the NEW SAT expects students to have a good reading habit, knowledge of English grammar, and knowledge of math. Since the test is not computer-adaptive, students can answer easy questions first and then go on to the more difficult ones. A regular course schedule, an organized studying method, and a proper hold on subject specifics will ensure a good SAT score. You will certainly succeed if you partner with ScoreGetter’s SAT training centre in chennai.

New SAT Structure

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Math
Sections ·         65-minute Reading section

·         35-minute Writing and Language section

·         25-minute No Calculator section

·         55-minute Calculator section

Questions ·         52 Questions (Reading)

·         44 Questions (Writing and Language)

·         20 Questions (No Calculator)

·         38 Questions (Calculator)

Score Range 200-800 200-800
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