Best GMAT Coaching Classes in Chennai

Close to two-thirds of the 1,300 and more graduate business schools worldwide base their admission decisions on the Graduate Management Admission Test (or GMAT, a standardized three and a half hour exam) scores. Furthermore, the scores are an asset to gain admission even into schools that do not require GMAT scores

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) decides what skills the GMAT should test and how they should be tested. The developing of test questions, administering of the test, and reporting of test scores, however, is done by the ETS (Educational Testing Service).

What does the test contain?

The test-taker need not have any specific subject-knowledge or expertise in business and the GMAT measures only basic skills.

The GMAT is done on a computer and consists of three sections:

1. Analytical Writing section
2. Quantitative or Math section
3. Verbal section.

Section No. of questions Minimum Required
Analytical writing
1 Analysis of an Issue
2 Analysis of an Argument
30 Minutes
30 Minutes
Optional Break   5 Minutes
1 Problem Solving
2 Data Sufficiency
37 75 Minutes
Reading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction
41 75 Minutes
What kinds of questions do you get in the GMAT Verbal section?

The 41 questions in this section are spread across the following:

Critical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Sentence correction

Two of these topics will contain 14 questions and the other one will have 13 questions. But the questions are jumbled up and need not appear in any specific order. The only assurance is that all the questions pertaining to a Reading Comprehension passage will appear together, one after the other.

Knowledge of basic grammar rules, ability to use logic, and a good reading habit will definitely ensure a good Verbal score.

What kinds of questions do you get in the GMAT Quantitative section?

The 37 questions in this section are in Problem Solving, 20 questions, and Data Sufficiency, 17 questions. The questions will be from the following areas:

Data Analysis

The Problem Solving type of question can be solved directly; one of the choices is correct and the test-taker needs to select the correct choice. The Data Sufficiency type, however, is trickier. Each problem includes two statements that may or may not lead to the correct answer. The test-taker needs to determine whether each of the statements can lead to the answer independently or whether the statements do so in conjunction with each other. Logic is as important as mathematical principles in ascertaining which of the five answer choices is correct!

GMAT at ScoreGetter

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The GMAT requires test takers to be proficient in a wide array of areas, including advanced mathematics, reading comprehension, and analytical writing. Our instructors at all our centers in Chennai are fully understand each of these difficult concepts. Since they don’t have to struggle to understand the test itself, they can focus solely on teaching you how to master the GMAT in the same way that they did.
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Course Material

Our course material is latest and updated every year. The material is organized and engaging with emphasis on strategies to answer every point of test question and make the student more confident in his test taking abilities. By providing the best possible preparation we help you exceed your target score by leaps and bounds. Our focus is on helping students rather than on simply selling classes. This has contributed to our strong reputation of QUALITY

Online Resources

We also provide plenty of test-taking practice and Real Test Experience. Seats in our air-conditioned computer section need not be booked weeks in advance. We understand the importance of allowing students to take tests at short notice and our faculty members are always at hand to help clarify the doubts that students encounter.


Our library is another attraction. All the latest editions of reference books and guides are made available to students. Students can use our library or take books home too.

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More than anything else, we understand the importance of timing and scheduling our classes in such a way that students are inconvenienced the least. We know that most of our students are either studying in far off colleges or working. Scheduling and timing of classes are done keeping these factors in mind. If, despite our best efforts, students miss out on a classroom session, we see to it that that class is made available at the earliest opportunity. Students can also request for additional sessions if they need extra help.

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